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Entertainments and special events

Many of the regular performers of the Entertainment events used technology to continue working together during the pandemic to create short videos performances.

They can be viewed on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook photos page.

A report, photos and a video of the End of the Year Show will be posted in the near future. Great fun was had by all!

Friday 8 December 2023

As you know, we are not holding a Christmas Party this year and instead ‘The End of the Year Show’ will take place on Friday 8 December at Reigate Park Church at 2pm followed by Christmas refreshments.

It is a mainly musical show interleaved with a story told in episodes. It will last around an hour and a half and be followed by refreshments.

It is free of charge, and all are welcome.

Come and enjoy!

Please register for the show by clicking here so that we can organise the catering.

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