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2nd Friday 10:00 to 12:00

No Fixed Venue


We are a lovely mix of people, from different backgrounds, who meet monthly in each others homes. We have enquiring minds and are able to think "outside-the-box". Some members have spent years working in laboratories, others just have a broad interest in how things work. There are no brain surgeons or rocket scientists among us-thus far, anyway!

The format of each meeting is usually that one member presents a presentation of about an hour on whatever subject they have chosen to research. This is followed by coffee and amiable, science-focussed chat. The subject range is very wide. Examples from last year are: Brewing, Combustion Engines, Darwin's The Origin of Species, Paper Manufacture, Radioactivity, Science and Philosophy and Storage of electric power. We do have a list of many subjects, though many members are keen to research their own. So, we learn all the time, even if we're not great at remembering it all-and it's always fun!

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