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1st Thursday 14:00 to 16:00

No Fixed Venue


We like to take pictures of all sorts so we generally gather at venues within reasonable travelling distance from home which regularly includes London. Members suggest suitable locations for the months ahead, and the annual programme is compiled by the group leader.

Outings are of course selected for their photographic interest and often follow the form of; meeting for coffee then either exploring together as a group or in small numbers. We might meet up again for afternoon tea where the members discuss what they have seen through the day. At least once a year the group visits a photographic exhibition to see how others do it.

Review meetings are held three times a year. Their main purpose is to give members the chance to examine photos that the group have taken during the previous period, to appreciate their successes and learn from the problems that they inevitably encounter. Images are displayed digitally.

The Photography Group is a friendly group of those with a keen interest in our subject. It does not require any expensive equipment and so we attract all ranges of skill and experience. We do not compete with one another but share a common interest and benefit greatly from the support and the encouragement of our peers.

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