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Philosophy 1

1st Tuesday a.m. 10:00 to 12:00

No Fixed Venue

Philosophy 1

If the ? is your favourite symbol on your computer keyboard, then this group could be your natural home.
Members take turns to choose their own topics to present, having done some research. They do not give a lecture – instead they introduce and guide the discussion, fertilizing it at times with selected quotations and their own thoughts. All members are expected to participate.
Topics covered recently:
Euthanasia Humanism What’s wrong with society?
African Philosophy The limits to growth on planet Earth
When is enough, enough? Is there ever such a thing as a just war?
The philosophy of History and Historiography To punish or not to punish?
Rawls ‘A Theory of Justice’ What is normal?
The philosophy of Literature Aesthetics. What is beauty and does it matter?
Based on chapters in Julian Baggini’s book How the World Thinks:
Karma Time
Tradition Harmony
None of us is a professional philosopher. But like philosophers, we all enjoy thinking and questioning, and endeavor to make our reasoning as rigorous as possible. When we discuss a topic (always with great civility), the aim of each member is not to ‘win the argument’, but to learn from it and make some progress towards ‘truth and wisdom’.

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