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French Improvers

1st & 3rd Weds 14:30 to 16:30

Group Leader's House

French Improvers

We are a group of eight to ten whose aim is to brush up our rusty French. We want to become more fluent in speaking French when in France and to be able to understand native French speakers without panicking when they speak fast!
As we don’t have a native French speaker among the group we make use of technology to help. By connecting an iPad wirelessly to the television we are able to share the two online dictionaries we use to help develop our vocabulary.
We each prepare a short piece on an agreed subject such as journeys, our favourite meals, or an item of news. This starts conversations and questions flowing.
We also listen via the internet to native French speakers.
We have tried a range of resources over the years but currently have subscribed to News in Slow French which gives us the opportunity to listen to reports and conversations about current affairs. We are able to see a transcript on screen and print it off which helps us to explore new expressions. We share the cost of the subscription every three months.
Above all we enjoy ourselves and everyone is improving!

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