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Art History

1st Tuesday 10:30 to 12:30

A Group member's house

Art History

We are a lively group, and the format of meetings is an evolving and movable feast depending on each persons particular interest.
Since the beginning we have explored the history of some of the most famous collections, which include The History of The Wallace Collection, The National Gallery and the Watts Gallery to name but a few.

What we find exciting is exploring the history of art in all its forms, studying the history of Sculpture, ceramics and photography, and the work of women artists who survived and thrived in the predominantly male artistic world of the past;
In the Summer we usually visit exhibitions or collections, and we are currently exploring the world of the Scottish Colorists, moving on to the artists of Ireland.
Each month, one individual presents an artist, or artists, of interest to them, followed by a group discussion.
Each January we plan our programme together for the coming year, with every group member making a contribution to the discussion.

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