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Serendipity 1

Thursday last 10:00 to 12:00

No Fixed Venue

Serendipity 1

Each member of the group contributes their take on a pre-agreed word, preferably one capable of different meanings, thus producing a serendipity collection of facts  and anecdotes.
For example, we've had:
Line: Whitby steam railway, Balaclavas Thin Red Line, Latitude & Longitude, and line drawing.
Current/Currant: Current accounts, ocean currents, and baking currants.
Court: Magistrates Court, court shoes, Queen Elizabeth Is court and her courting of Dudley.
Pitch: marketing pitch, perfect pitch, stall pitch and publication pitch.
Sight/Site/Cite: Guide Dogs for the Blind, the site of ancient Kaunos, eyesight of crustaceans, manure sites, and a recital of a citation.

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