Book Group 4

Monday last 14:30 to 16:30

Meeting Virtually

Book Group 4 has been running since June 2010.
A rota enables each member in turn to suggest three books for the group to consider and circulate the list to the group by e-mail in advance of the meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to read the blurb on the book and can come to the meeting prepared to talk about the options. This method seems to have produced a good variety of books, to date all fiction, but ranging from foreign language books to classics and best sellers, reflecting the different reading preferences of the members. A few books have proved unreadable for some members, but most have been enjoyed and have stimulated a lively informal discussion. In order to allow time both to obtain and read the book we now choose the book a month in advance of it being read. Certain ground rules were established, the main one being that everyone would read each of the books selected (or at least attempt it, and come to the meeting able to talk about why they found it unreadable) and that books selected should not be too long so that is feasible to read them in a month. Books considered must be relatively easily available, in print and, preferably also available as e-books.
The chosen book is discussed for about an hour, and then after tea the selection of the next book to be read is discussed and agreed.

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